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About MandarinAi!

MandarinAi is a project launched by Alan Hou, who created one of the largest Chinese learning group(Learn Chinese) on Facebook.com. We now(10/1/2019) have over 70,000 members in this group.

The whole idea is to gradually include quality courses and related materials for Chinese learners of various levels. However, rome was not built in one day, it's likely the development would take more than 6 months.

The first stage of this project would be web-based. In the meanwhile, Android & iOS apps will enter the planning phase.

Why the name MandarinAi?

To be honest, most of the the domain come to mind was not available, and AI(Artifial Intelligenct) is certainly a hype in the couple of years. And ài(爱) also means "love" in Chinese, so MandarinAi.com became our main domain.