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成语故事:爱屋及乌Love Me Love My Dog

成语故事:爱屋及乌Love Me Love My Dog


ài wū jí wū

Love me, love my dog

Love me love my dog,  Chinese people use the idiom 爱屋及乌 to indicate that if you love someone, you'll love people and things related to him as well.

Literal meaning: Love me, love my dog


爱屋及乌,你说你很喜欢我, 你也应该喜欢我的家人。

ài wū jí wū ,nǐ shuō nǐ hěn xǐ huān wǒ , nǐ yě yīng gāi xǐ huān wǒ de jiā rén 。

Love me, love my dog, you told me you like me, and then you should like my family. 

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