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EP32 “把”(bǎ)  and “被”(bèi)

EP32 “把”(bǎ)  and “被”(bèi)

  • Chinese 101: Sentences with “ba” and passive sentences 把字句与被字句;

  • Language Tips: Interesting rules with "把"and "被"; What should be done when you screw up

  • Story of The Day: To Outsmart Oneself 弄巧成拙 nòng qiǎo chéng zhuō



nǐ zěn me le ?kàn qǐ lái bú tài kāi xīn 。

What’s wrong with you? It seems that you’re not happy.


wǒ bǎ shì qíng gǎo zá le ,rán hòu bèi lǎo bǎn mà le。

I had screwed up. Just now the boss scolded me.

Words & Expressions:

【怎么了】zěn me le:what happened; what’s wrong

【看起来】kàn qǐ lái: seem; looks; appear

【开心】kāi xīn:happy


【事情】shì qíng:thing; things

【搞】gǎo:get; make; do; 

【砸】zá: break; smash; crush; foul up

【然后】rán hòu: then; after that; afterwards

【被】bèi: by

【骂】mà: scold; abuse; curse; call names

EP32 “把”(bǎ)  and “被”(bèi)

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