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[成语故事:起死回生 Bringing the dying back to life]

[成语故事:起死回生 Bringing the dying back to life]


qǐ sǐ huí shēng

Bringing the dying back to life

2500 years ago during the Spring and Autumn period in China, there was a renowned doctor named Bian Que. There were many stories related to his superb medical skills.

2500年前的春秋时期,中国有一位叫扁鹊的名医, 有许多故事是关于他高明的医术的.

Literal meaning: bringing the dying back to life



cūn mín men shuō zhè yào kě yǐ qǐ sǐ huí shēng,dàn shì wǒ men dōu jiào dé tā men zài kuā dà yào de liáo xiào。

This medicine could bring the dying back to life according to the villagers, but we think they are overstating the curative effect of the medicine.

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