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Movie Intro

而当疲惫的李成功回到家时,发现曼妮比他还早到一步,甚至见到了他的妻子,满怀忐忑的李成功回到家看到停留在墙上未撕去的日历,看到其乐融融的妻女与老人。鞭炮响起,李成功与妻子深情相拥,我们知道这一年,李成功回家了,不光是身体,还有心灵 。

After the big boss Li Chenggong (Xu Wei ornaments) met the milking burdock (Wang Baoqiang), the journey was frequent. Li Chenggong, who was forced to return to Changsha’s hometown and his wife’s showdown by the lover, the airport encountered a crow’s mouth to go to Changsha for debt collection. As the name of the burdock, not only is it straightforward, but it also reveals a stupidity. First, before the boarding, the security check took a large amount of milk. Then the flight attendant opened the window and finally tossed the plane to Changsha. As a result, he was forced to return because of the Changsha heavy snow plane. Li Chenggong, who had no choice but to squeeze into the hard seat of the train, was relieved, but once again saw the calf in the crowd. The burdock is like the blasphemy in the life of Li Cheng. As long as he "opens the mouth of the mouth", there will be an accident as he said. Due to frequent accidents on the way, the two changed from the train to the bus and climbed the tractor from the bus. Although the burdock's crow mouth made Li successfully suffer, the young man who was stupid and mixed with his own sincerity and optimism infected Li Chenggong. After the bumps all the way, the two eventually arrived in Changsha and returned to their own life trajectories. However, the various encounters in the journey affected the lives of the two...