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EP50 表达关心 Show Your Care

EP50 表达关心 Show Your Care

  • Chinese 101: Show your care to others in Chinese

  • Language Tips: How to show your care in a proper way & Be considerate

  • Story of The Day: Take precautions against a possible danger 曲突徙薪 qū tū xǐ xīn



nǐ kàn qǐ lái liǎn sè bú tài hǎo。

You don’t look well.


wǒ hǎo xiàng gǎn mào le 。

It seems that I’ve caught a cold.


zhù yì shēn tǐ 。

Take care of your body!


xiè xiè nǐ de guān xīn 。

Thank you for your concern.

Words & Expressions:

【看起来】kàn qǐ lái: it looks like

【脸色】liǎn sè: face; look; countenance; complexion

【好像】hǎo xiàng:it seems

【感冒】gǎn mào:catch a cold

【注意】zhù yì:pay attention to, notice

【身体】shēn tǐ:body

【关心】guān xīn:to be concerned about;to care about

Hosts: Liu Min & Sam Duckett & Jessica 

Programme Editor: Wang Xiaoyu

Producer: Lu Chang

EP50 表达关心 Show Your Care

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