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Y: It's animal week on Chinese Studio, and welcome in everyone. Wo shi Y.
B: Da jia hao, wo shi B. It's the weekend and we've got time to visit the zoo. But we better review what we've learned during the week, before heading off.


Sentences of the week:
Let's go to the zoo. 咱们去动物园吧 。What's your favorite animal? 你最喜欢哪种动物?Please don't feed the animals! 请不要给动物喂食。Panda 大熊猫, Snake 蛇,Rabbit 兔子,dolphin 海豚,Tiger 老虎, Lion 狮子, Peacock 孔雀。All in today's Chinese Studio.


B: So, we both want to go the zoo. Then let's go to the zoo.
Y: Great, but let's say that in Chinese, 咱们去动物园吧。
B: zan2men qu4 dong4 wu4 yuan2 ba.
Y: 咱们 zan2men means we,
B: zan2men,
Y: 去 qu4 means set off for some place,
B: qu4,
Y: 动物园 dong4 wu4 yuan2 means zoo,
B: dong4 wu4 yuan2
Y: 咱们去动物园吧.
B: zan2men qu4 dong4 wu4 yuan2 ba. Let's go to the zoo.

Conversation 1:

A: 咱们去动物园吧。
B: 太好了,我正好很喜欢动物 。

B: What's your favorite animal Yajie?
Y: Let's review the question in Chinese: 你最喜欢哪种动物?
B: ni3 zui4 xi3 huan1 na2 zhong3 dong4 wu4?
Y: 最喜欢 zui4 xi3 huan1 means like the best,
B: zui4 xi3 huan1,
Y: 哪种 na2 zhong3 means which one,
B: na2 zhong3,
Y: 动物 dong4 wu4 is animal,
B: dong4 wu4,
Y: 你最喜欢哪种动物 ni3 zui4 xi3 huan1 na2 zhong3 dong4 wu4?
B: ni3 zui4 xi3 huan1 na2 zhong3 dong4 wu4? What’s your favorite animal.

Conversation 2:

A: 你最喜欢哪种动物?
B: 我最喜欢孔雀。你呢?你最喜欢哪种动物?

B: One important rule to follow in the zoo is don't fee the animals without a permission…
Y: Right, let's review it in Chinese: 请不要给动物喂食。
B: qing3 bu2 yao4 gei3 dong4wu wei4 shi2.
Y: 请不要 qing3 bu2 yao4, please don't do sth,
B: qing3 bu2 yao4
Y: 给 gei3 means for,
B: gei3,
Y: 动物 dong4wu means animal,
B: dong4wu,
Y: 喂食 wei4 shi2 means feed,
B: wei4 shi2,
Y: 请不要给动物喂食 qing3 bu2 yao4 gei3 dong4wu wei4 shi2
B: qing3 bu2 yao4 gei3 dong4wu wei4 shi2 Please don't feed the animals.

Conversation 3:

A: 管理员,我们可以给动物喂食吗?
B: 对不起,请不要给动物喂食。

Y: Let's have a quick review of the animals we learned this week.
B: okay. I remember panda is 大熊猫 da4 xiong2 mao1.
Y: Good, da4 xiong2 mao1 what about tiger?
B: it's 老虎 lao2 hu3.
Y: lao2 hu3,很好. Lion is Chinese is 狮子 shi1zi ,
B: shi1zi,
Y: Peacock 孔雀
B: kong3 qu4.
Y: Finally snake is 蛇 she2,
B: she2.
B: It'll be great to put all those new words to use down at the dongwuyuan, at the zoo.
Y: Indeed, and before we go, here's our question of the day. Remind us how to say "Shall we go to see the dolphins?"

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