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Lesson 123 Sports (3) 第一百二十课 体育运动 (3)

Yajie: Welcome to Chinese Studio on China Radio International. Wo shi Yajie, together with me is… Cam. 
Cam: Dajia hao. We are talking about working out this week, I want to lose some of that Pi jiudu. It is very important to keep fit.
Yajie: Right. So let's get started with today's Key Words of the Day.

Key Words of the Day 
yearly cost 年费(nian2fei4) What is the yearly cost? 年费多少?(nian2fei4 duo1shao) Weightlifting makes me stronger. 举重使我更强壮。(ju3zhong4 shi2 wo3 geng4 qiang2zhuang4.) Where is a good gym? 哪儿有好的健身房?(Nar3 you3 hao3de jian4shen1fang2?) All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Yajie: As you heard in key words of the day, 年费(nian2fei4) which means yearly cost.
Cam: 年费(nian2fei4). I know 年 (nian2), the second tone it means year.
Yajie: Right. And 费 (fei4), fei, the fourth tone, here it means cost. So together 年费(nian2fei4), yearly cost. 
Cam: 年费(nian2fei4). Now Yajie, what’s the Chinese for “What is the yearly cost?” You know this differs from one gym to another, so this sentence is quite useful.  
Yajie: That’s easy. “what is the yearly cost” would be 年费多少?(nian2fei4 duo1shao)
Cam: 年费多少?(nian2fei4 duo1shao)

Conversation 1:

Cam: Yajie, I love weightlifting. It not only helps me getting rid of my beer belly, but also makes me stronger. But how do I tell my Chinese friends one of the advantages? 
Yajie: That would be another key sentence on today’s Chinese Studio, let’s learn that together with our listeners. 举重使我更强壮。(ju3zhong4 shi2 wo3 geng4 qiang2zhuang4.)  Weightlifting makes me stronger.
Cam:  举重使我更强壮。(ju3zhong4 shi2 wo3 geng4 qiang2zhuang4.)
Yajie:  举重 (ju3zhong4), weightlifting.
Cam: 举重 (ju3zhong4)
Yajie: 使 (shi2), to make something happen.  
Cam: 使 (shi2)
Yajie: 我 (wo3), I. 
Cam: 我 (wo3)
Yajie: 更 (geng4), more. 
Cam: 更 (geng4)
Yajie: 强壮(qiang2zhuang4), strong. 
Cam: 强壮(qiang2zhuang4) 
Yajie: 更强壮(geng4 qiang2zhuang4.) stronger. 
Cam: 更强壮(geng4 qiang2zhuang4.)
Yajie: 举重使我更强壮。(ju3zhong4 shi2 wo3 geng4 qiang2zhuang4.) 
Cam: 举重使我更强壮。(ju3zhong4 shi2 wo3 geng4 qiang2zhuang4.) Weightlifting makes me stronger.

Conversation 2:

Cam: Yajie,I’ve been here for about a year now, but still I’m not so familiar with all the gyms around. And I need someone to recommend. So how can I ask that in Chinese? 
Yajie: Well, you can say “哪儿有好的健身房?(Nar3 you3 hao3de jian4shen1fang2?)”
Cam: 哪儿有好的健身房?(Nar3 you3 hao3de jian4shen1fang2?)
Yajie: 哪儿 (nar3), where. 
Cam: 哪儿 (nar3)
Yajie: 有 (you3), the third tone, means to have. 
Cam: 有 (you3)
Yajie: 好的 (hao3de), good. 
Cam: 好的 (hao3de).
Yajie: 健身房 (jian4shen1fang2), gym. 
Cam: 健身房 (jian4shen1fang2)
Yajie: 哪儿有好的健身房?(Nar3 you3 hao3de jian4shen1fang2?)
Cam: 哪儿有好的健身房?(Nar3 you3 hao3de jian4shen1fang2?) Where is a good gym?

Conversation 3:

Yajie: It’s time for Cam and I to work out in the gym, so I’m afraid that we have to say goodbye to our listeners. 
Cam: But before we go, yajie, question of the day.  How do you say: “Weightlifting makes me stronger” in Chinese?
Yajie: Ming tian jian. 
Cam: Zai jian!

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