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Lesson 081 Restaurants (1) 第八十一课 饭店(1)

Cam:  Yajie, last week was fabulous on Chinese Studio.  We learned what to say when we walk into a restaurant, and some very unique dishes that we can try.
YJ:  Yes.Well Cam, a dinner isn’t complete unless you have something to wash all that food down with.
Cam:  Right.  I need something to drink!

Key Words of the Day 
Beer 啤酒(pi2jiu3)。Water 水(shui3)。Tea。茶(cha2)。 Orange Juice橙汁(cheng2zhi1)。 Coffee,咖啡(ka1fei1)。 Cola。可乐(ke3le4)。All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Cam:  Alright Yajie.  We learned about some spicy Sichuan food last week, and I know a nice cold beer would go well with that.  So how do I ask for a bottle of beer?
YJ: You may say “我要一瓶啤酒(wo3 yao4 yi4 ping2 pi2jiu3)”.
Cam: 我要一瓶啤酒(wo3 yao4 yi4 ping2 pi2jiu3).
YJ: Right,我(wo3) means I. 要(yao4) means want. y-a-o, the fourth tone. 
Cam: 我(wo3) 要(yao4) 
YJ: 一(yi4), means one. 瓶(ping2), p-i-n-g, the second tone, means bottle. 
Cam: 一瓶 (yi4 ping2) one bottle. 
YJ: 啤酒 (pi2jiu3), beer.
Cam: 啤酒 (pi2jiu3). 
YJ: 我要一瓶啤酒(wo3 yao4 yi4 ping2 pi2jiu3), I’d like to have a bottle of beer.
Cam: 我要一瓶啤酒(wo3 yao4 yi4 ping2 pi2jiu3).


Cam: Now I’m thirsty and want to have a cup of water. So how do you say that? 
YJ: 我要一杯水。(wo3 yao4 yi4 bei1 shui3).
Cam: cup in Chinese is 杯(bei1), right?  
YJ: Yes. 杯(bei1), b-e-i, the first tone. 
Cam: 杯(bei1).
YJ: And 水(shui3) is water. S-h-u-i, the third tone.
Cam: 水(shui3). 
YJ: 我要一杯水。(wo3 yao4 yi4 bei1 shui3).
Cam: 我要一杯水。(wo3 yao4 yi4 bei1 shui3), I want to have a cup of water. 
YJ: I know many foreigners are fond of Chinese tea. How about you, Cam? 
Cam: Chinese teas is pretty good at times.Tea in Chinese is 茶 (cha2), right? 
YJ: Yes. It is. 茶 (cha2), c-h-a, the second tone. 
Cam: 茶 (cha2). 
YJ: You know, there are various types of Chinese tea, such as 龙井茶(long2jing3cha2), Dragon Well tea; 菊花茶(ju3hua1cha2), chrysanthemum tea; 红茶(hong2cha2), black tea; and 绿茶(lv4cha2), green tea. 
Cam: I think my favorite is龙井茶(long2jing3cha2), Dragon Well tea.
YJ: Now how do you say “I want a cup of tea.” in Chinese?  
Cam: I think it’s  我要一杯茶。(wo3 yao4 yi4 bei1 cha2).
YJ: Good.


Cam: I’d like to order some other drinks for ladies at the table, how about some orange juice? 
YJ: Cam, you are always considerate. Orange juice in Chinese is橙汁(cheng2zhi1).
Cam: 橙汁(cheng2zhi1).
YJ: Yes. 橙(cheng2) is orange. C-h-e-n-g, the second tone. 
Cam: 橙(cheng2).
YJ: 汁(zhi1), z-h-i, the first tone, means juice. 
Cam: 汁(zhi1).
YJ: 橙汁(cheng2zhi1).
Cam: 橙汁(cheng2zhi1) , orange juice. So what’s Chinese for coffee?
YJ: It’s 咖啡(ka1fei1)。
Cam: 咖啡(ka1fei1). All in the first tone? 
YJ: Right. Now I’ll tell you another word, 可乐(ke3le4)。
Cam: 可乐(ke3le4)。That sounds like cola. 
YJ: yes. It is cola. 可乐(ke3le4)。
Cam: 可乐(ke3le4)。


Key Words Reminder 
Beer 啤酒(pi2jiu3)。Water 水(shui3)。Tea。茶(cha2)。Orange Juice橙汁(cheng2zhi1)。Coffee,咖啡(ka1fei1)。 Cola, 可乐(ke3le4)。

Cam:  Well…. I don’ t want to order too much pi jiu, lest my pi jiu belly keeps growing.  So maybe I’ll stick to the tea.
YJ: That is a good question for today.  So how do you say “I want a cup of tea” in Chinese?  
Cam: Ming tian jian! 
YJ: Ming tian jian!

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