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EP44 以前 Once Upon A Time

EP44 以前 Once Upon A Time

  • Chinese 101: Talk about someone’s previous jobs

  • Grammar: Express the previous experiences with “以前”& “过”

  • Language Tips: Jobs in China and career change chances

  • Story of The Day: Treat someone with increased respect 刮目相看 guā mù xiāng kàn



nǐ yǐ qián zuò guò shén me gōng zuò ?

What jobs have you done before?


wǒ yǐ qián shì jì zhě 。nǐ ne ?

I used to be a reporter. How about you?


wǒ zuò guò lǎo shī 。

I was a teacher.

Words & Expressions:

【以前】yǐ qián: before, in the past


【记者】jì zhě: reporter

【老师】lǎo shī: teacher

Hosts: Niu Honglin & Sam Duckett & Lincoln

Programme Editor: Wang Xiaoyu

Producer: Lu Chang

EP44 以前 Once Upon A Time

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