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成语故事:对症下药 Fix The Root Cause

成语故事:对症下药 Fix The Root Cause


duì zhèng xià yào

Fix The Root Cause  

对 duì means based on. 症 Zhèng is the symptoms. 下 xià means give or write down and 药 yào is the prescription or medicine. The phrase is used to mean choosing problem-solving methods appropriate for the specific situation. It is still frequently used nowadays when people want to say let's find the correct way to solve the problem. 

Literal meaning:to prescribe medicine for a patient according to his illness

Explanation: to suit the remedy to the case



duì yú zī jīn duǎn quē de wèn tí ,wǒ men bú yào zhāo jí ,zhǐ yào duì zhèng xià yào ,wèn tí jiù huì hěn kuài jiě jué 。

For the problem of lack of funds, we need not worry if we suit the remedy to the case, it will be solved soon.

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