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EP142 中国名字 Chinese Names

EP142 中国名字 Chinese Names

  • How to introduce your name in a Chinese way

  • Things you should know of Chinese names

  • Tips for choosing your Chinese name

  • How to avoid having stupid/strange Chinese names

  • Song: 《李雷和韩梅梅》徐誉滕 Li Lei & Han Meimei by Xu Yuteng



Nǐ jiào shén me míng zì ?

What’s your name?


Wǒ jiào lǐ léi 。Mù zǐ lǐ ,dǎ léi de léi。Nǐ ne ?

My name is Li Lei.The “Li” is “mu” plus “zi”, 

and the “Lei” is the character means “thunder”. How about you?


Wǒ jiào hán méi méi ,hán guó de hán ,méi huā de méi 。

My name is Han Meimei.The “Han” is the character for “Korean”,

And the “Mei” means “plum blossom”.

Words & Expressions:


【名字】míng zì: name

【打雷】dǎ léi: thunder

【韩国】hán guó: Korean

【梅花】méi huā: plum blossom

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EP142 中国名字 Chinese Names

Hosts: Niu Honglin & Jessica & Carl

Producer: Lu Chang

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