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CRI reporter: Andrea Hunt

As for that SIM card, we need to find one of China’s main mobile networks, China Mobile, China Unicom or China Telecom which can be found all over the city. Now in the States, we’re used to contracts with a certain amount minutes per month, but in China, most people just buy a SIM card and recharge as needed. Check out the China Mobile (CM) store.

(At China Mobile store)

Andrea: 您好,我想买一个手机卡。

Customer Service Representative: 好的,请跟我来。

Representative: 请坐。

Andrea: 谢谢。

Andrea: Now there are many different kinds of SIM cards depending on whether you want to be able to make and receive international calls and SMS texts or just within China. Let’s ask what the price difference for a SIM card we can make and receive international calls, or one we can use just in China.

Andrea: 你好。

Representative: 你好。

Andrea: 有可以拨打并接听国内、国际长途的手机卡吗? 

Representative: 有,这种Hello Card,您选这种卡就可以了。Andrea: 打国际长途多少钱?

Representative: 请问您要打哪个国家的电话?

Andrea: 美国。

Representative: 一分钟是三毛五。在北京接电话免费。

Andrea: OK, so with this SIM card, that makes about 3.5 Jiao for me to call America and within Beijing it’s free to receive calls.

Andrea: 这个是多少钱?

Representative: 这张卡七十块。

Andrea: OK, so 70 kuai, that is seventy kuai, that means ten kuai for the card itself and then sixty towards my prepaid balance.

Andrea: 我想要这个手机卡。

Representative: 好的。

GRAPHIC FLASH: 打国际长途多少钱?钱money, 多少 how much, 国际长途 international call, 打to dial, 打国际长途多少钱?How much does it cost to make an international phone call?

我想要这个手机卡。 手机卡 SIM card, 这个this, 要 to have, 想 to want to,我 I, 我想要这个手机卡。I want to get this SIM card.

Andrea: Now that you know what kind of SIM card you want, it’s time to pick a phone number. Usually they have a list where you can choose from.  

Representative: 请选择一个手机号码。

Andrea: Oh, this one ends in 3335. That’s easy to remember. I’ll go ahead and have this one.

Andrea: 我想要这个号码。

Representative: 好的,没问题。

Andrea: Now remember it’s ten yuan to pick the number itself. But also remember that in China 8 is considered a lucky number, so if you choose number has a lot of 8s in it, it’s going to be more expensive.

Representative: 咱们去办理一下入网手续吧。

GRAPHIC FLASH: 请选择一个手机号码。号码 number, 手机 mobile phone, 一个 one, 选择 to choose, 请please, 请选择一个手机号码。Please choose a mobile phone number.

Representative: 您好,给您卡。

Andrea: 谢谢。

Andrea: Now that we’ve chosen a phone number and paid for it, before we have our SIM card. Now once you run out of money, you’ll need to recharge your balance. Most convenient way to do this, you can simply buy a 充值卡 or a recharge card. You can buy at any news stand in the city. Let’s go and get one now.

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