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Lesson 146 Music (2) 第一百四十五课 音乐(2)

Cam: We are talking about music on this week’s show Yajie, and I am a HUGE music fan.  So this is awesome!
Yajie: Yes, welcome to Chinese Studio everyone.  There are many different music genres… what is your favorite, Cam?
Cam: I have to go with alternative rock. But what’s the Chinese for that?
Yajie: Let’s learn about this in Key Words of the Day!

Key Words of the Day
pop music流行音乐  classical music古典音乐,  country music乡村音乐,jazz爵士音乐 alternative rock is awesome. 另类摇滚真棒. All in today’s Chinese Studio.

YJ: Cam, what kind of music you often hear on the radio?
Cam: … I have to say pop music. Yajie, how do you say that in Chinese?
YJ: it’s liu2 xing2 yin1 yue4流行音乐
Cam: liu2 xing2 yin1 yue4
YJ: liu2 xing2 means popular,
Cam: liu2 xing2
YJ: yin1 yue4 means music
Cam: yin1 yue4
YJ: liu2 xing2 yin1 yue4 pop music
Cam: liu2 xing2 yin1 yue4. My dad is a big fan of classical music.  How do I say that? 
YJ: it’s 古典音乐。
Cam: gu3dian3 yin1 yue4
YJ: gu3dian3 means classical,
Cam: gu3dian3. and yin1 yue4 means music.
YJ: right. gu3dian3 yin1 yue4 古典音乐, classical music.
Cam: gu3dian3 yin1 yue4 , which is distinguished from popular music. 

Conversation 1:


Cam: Yajie, do you like country music?
YJ: Yes I do.
Cam: me too. Yajie, what’s the Chinese for “country music”?
YJ: it’s “乡村音乐”。
Cam: xiang1 cun1 yin1 yue4
YJ: 乡村xiang1 cun1 means countryside,
Cam: xiang1 cun1
YJ: and music is…
Cam: yin1 yue4! So with each music genre, you always put “yin1 yue4” at the end, right?
YJ: Almost. xiang1 cun1 yin1 yue4, country music.
Cam: xiang1 cun1 yin1 yue4. 
YJ: Jazz is a little different in Chinese. It’s 爵士乐
Cam: jue2 shi4 yue4
YJ: jue2 shi4, jazz
Cam: jue2 shi4
YJ: Then it’s yue4 instead of yin1 yue4, which also means music.
Cam: yue4
YJ: jue2 shi4 yue4 , jazz music.
Cam: jue2 shi4 yue4

Conversation 2:

(1)A: 你喜欢乡村音乐还是爵士乐?
B: 我喜欢爵士乐。
B: 是哪一家电台?
A: 中国国际广播电台。

YJ: Cam, I know your favorite genre is alternative rock. The Chinese is “另类摇滚”。
Cam: ling4lei4 yao2gun3.
YJ: ling4lei4 means different from the usual or conventional.
Cam: ling4lei4
YJ: rock in Chinese is yao2gun3.
Cam: yao2gun3.
YJ: ling4lei4 yao2gun3.
Cam: ling4lei4 yao2gun3. alternative rock. Yajie, wo2 ai4 ling4lei4 yao2gun3. I love alt- rock!
YJ: Good, but do you know how to say “Alt-rock is awesome"?
Cam: Tell me! that’s exactly what I’ve wanted to learn for the past 26 years.
YJ: You can say “另类摇滚真棒”!
Cam: ling4lei4 yao2gun3 zhen1 bang4!
YJ: zhen1 means indeed or very.
Cam: zhen1
YJ: bang4 means awesome.
Cam: bang4
YJ: ling4lei4 yao2gun3 zhen1 bang4.
Cam: ling4lei4 yao2gun3 zhen1 bang4. alt-rock is awesome! And I think Chinese Studio zhen1 bang4! 

Conversation 3:

A: 你喜欢这只乐队吗?
B: 喜欢啊,另类摇滚真棒! 

Key Words Reminder
pop music流行音乐  classical music古典音乐,  country music乡村音乐,jazz爵士音乐 alternative rock is awesome. 另类摇滚真棒. All in today’s Chinese Studio.  

Cam: This is great Yajie… now I can tell my friends that alt-rock is awesome in Chinese!
Yajie: Haha…very good.  But we’d better get to the Question of the Day. 
Cam: Good idea.  How do you say “classical music” in Chinese?  See ya tomorrow!
Cam: Ming tian jian.
Yajie:  Zai jian!

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