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成语故事:四面楚歌 Find oneself completely besieged

成语故事:四面楚歌 Find oneself completely besieged


sì miàn chǔ gē

Find oneself completely besieged 

四 means four, mian means side, 楚 is the name of a region, 歌 means song. When you are surrounded by your enemies on four sides, we can say you are in a situation of Si Mian Chu Ge四面楚歌. It’s like saying "you have the whole world against you."

Literal meaning:  surrounded by enemies on four sides

Explanation: to describe a very difficult, dangerous or desperate situation



tā de gōng sī pò chǎn le ,tā xiàn zài kě yǐ shuō shì sì miàn chǔ gē 。

His company went bankrupt, and he found himself completely besieged.

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