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成语故事:画饼充饥 Feed on illusions

成语故事:画饼充饥 Feed on illusions


huà bǐng chōng jī

Feed on illusions

画 means to draw a picture, 饼 is cake, 充 means to fill or to feed, 饥 means being hungry or to be starved. At first, it meant "value empty names", or "enjoy a reputation unwarranted by any real learning." Now, people use it in a new sense.

Literal meaning: feed on illusions

Explanation: console oneself with false hopes



tā zǒng shì gěi nǐ xǔ nuò shuō huì hé nǐ jié hūn,kuài xǐng xǐng ba,tā zhǐ shì zài gěi nǐ huà bǐng chōng jī!

He always give you an empty promise that he will marry you, please wake up,  he just feed you on illusions!

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