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Lesson 189 Happy New Year! 第一百八十九课 新年快乐!(3)

YJ: Wo shi Yajie.
Cam: And who shi Cam. We are talking all about New Year's celebrations this week.
YJ: and today, let's learn some New Year's resolutions you might have!
Cam: Let's get started.


Key Words of the Day

drink less, 少喝酒,learn how to cook,学做饭,lose weight.减肥, What is your new year’s resolution? 你有什么新年打算? Stop smoking, 戒烟 All in today's Chinese Studio.


Cam: Yajie, some people tend to drink a lot at a New Year's party, and the next morning they might feel sick.
YJ: That's true. Drinking a lot is bad for your health.
Cam: So maybe drinking less would be a good resolution. How do I say that in Chinese?
YJ: you can say 少喝酒 shao3 he1 jiu3
Cam: shao3 he1 jiu3
YJ: 少喝 shao3 he1, to drink less,
Cam: shao3 he1
YJ: 酒 jiu4 means alcohol,
Cam: jiu4
YJ: 少喝酒 shao3 he1 jiu3,
Cam: shao3 he1 jiu3, drink less.

Conversation 1:

B: 我决定在新的一年里少喝酒。

Cam: what is your New Year's resolution, Yajie? Something like to lose weight?
YJ: No… I have a better one. I want to make more friends and learn something new… so I might take classes to learn--- how to cook.
Cam: That sounds good for you, Yajie. How do you say your resolution in Chinese?
YJ: it's 学做饭 xue2 zuo4 fan4.
Cam: xue2 zuo4 fan4.
YJ: 学 xue2 means to learn,
Cam: xue2,
YJ: 做饭 zuo4 fan4 means to cook,
Cam: zuo4 fan4.
YJ: 学做饭 xue2 zuo4 fan4, learn how to cook.
Cam: xue2 zuo4 fan4.
YJ: Although I don't need to lose weight, but it's still a popular new year's resolution. In Chinese it's 减肥 jian3 fei2.
Cam: jian3 fei2.
YJ: 减 jian3 means to lose, to decrease,
Cam: jian3,
YJ: 肥 fei2 means fat,
Cam: fei2.
YJ: 减肥 jian3 fei2,
Cam: jian3 fei2, to lose weight.

Conversation 2:

A: 你有什么新年打算呢?
B: 我打算学做饭。
Cam: Yajie, what should I ask my Chinese friends what is his/her new year’s resolution?
YJ: you can ask "你有什么新年打算?"
Cam: ni2 you3 shen2me xin1 nian2 da3 suan4?
YJ: 你 ni3 means you,
Cam: ni3,
YJ: 有 you3 means to have,
Cam: you3,
YJ: 什么 shen2me, what,
Cam: shen2me ,
YJ: 新年 xin1 nian2, new year,
Cam: xin1 nian2,
YJ: 打算 da3 suan4, resolution, plan,
Cam: dan2 suan4.
YJ: 你有什么新年打算 ni2 you3 shen2me xin1 nian2 da3 suan4?
Cam: ni2 you3 shen2me xin1 nian2 da3 suan4? What is your new year's resolution?
YJ: My father told me his new year's resolution is try to stop smoking.
Cam: That's a good one, what's the Chinese for it?
YJ: you can say "戒烟 jie4 yan1"
Cam: jie4 yan1
YJ: 戒 jie4 means to stop doing something,
Cam: jie4
YJ:烟 yan1 means cigarette,
YJ: 戒烟 jie4 yan1
Cam: jie4 yan1, stop smoking.

Conversation 3:

A: 你有什么新年打算?
B: 我要减肥,还要戒烟。


Key Words Reminder

drink less, 少喝酒,learn how to cook,学做饭,lose weight.减肥, What is your new year's resolution? 你有什么新年打算?Stop smoking, 戒烟,All in today's Chinese Studio.


Cam: Well, an early Happy New Year to everyone. Hopefully you can have all your new year's resolution realized in 2006.
YJ: Let's get to our question of the day. How do you say "stop smoking" in Chinese?
Cam: See ya tomorrow!
Yajie: Ming tian jian.

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