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Lesson 142 Movie (2) 第一百四十二课 电影(2)

Cam: It’s time to perfect Chinese your way in only five minutes a day.  Welcome to Chinese Studio, wo shi Cam.
Yajie: And wo shi Yajie.  Cam, what is your favorite movie genre?
Cam: …I believe it’s comedy. But I don’t know how to say it in Chinese! 
Yajie: Don’t worry. Listen up!

Key Words of the Day 
comedy 喜剧,tragedy. 悲剧 action film 动作片 horror movie恐怖片,animation 动画片 What’s your favorite genre? 你最喜欢什么类型的电影?All in today’s Chinese Studio.

YJ: Cam, as we heard in key words of the day, comedy is 喜剧 (xi3 ju4)
Cam: 喜剧(xi3 ju4).  
YJ: 喜(xi3 )means happy,
Cam: 喜(xi3 )
YJ: 剧 (ju4)means film
Cam:剧 (ju4)
YJ: 喜剧 (xi3 ju4) comedy. 
Cam: 喜剧 (xi3 ju4). And my favorite 喜剧(xi3 ju4) is … Yajie, then what is the opposite of 喜剧 (xi3 ju4).
YJ: It’s 悲剧 (bei1 ju4),tragedy.   
Cam: 悲剧(bei1 ju4)
YJ: 悲(bei1)means sad, sorrowful,
Cam: 悲 (bei1).  
YJ: so tragedy is 悲剧 (bei1 ju4)
Cam: 悲剧(bei1 ju4).

Conversation 1:


YJ: Cam, I can’t figure out why so many people like horror films. They are so scary and bloody sometimes…
Cam: Yes, but it’s always been a conflict between good and evil, and you may learn something from it. Yajie, I’d like to know the Chinese for horror film.
YJ: it’s 恐怖片(kong3 bu4 pian1)
Cam: 恐怖片(kong3 bu4 pian1)
YJ: 恐怖(kong3 bu4) means horrified, scary,
Cam: 恐怖 (kong3 bu4 )
YJ: 片 (pian1) means film 
Cam: 片( pian1), I guess it has the same meaning with 剧(ju4), which means film,right?
YJ: Yes, almost. 恐怖片(kong3 bu4 pian1), horror film,
Cam: 恐怖片 (kong3 bu4 pian1). And another movie genre is action film, what’s the Chinese for that?
YJ: it’s 动作片(dong4 zuo4 pian1)
Cam: 动作片(dong4 zuo4 pian1)
YJ: 动作(dong4 zuo4 )means action, 
Cam: 动作(dong4 zuo4 )
YJ: 动作片(dong4 zuo4 pian1) 
Cam: 动作片 (dong4 zuo4 pian1) action film.

Conversation 2:

A: 我不喜欢恐怖片,但我喜欢动作片。
B: 那你可以看看成龙的动作片。

YJ: Cam, I know a movie genre which is good for both kids and adults. Animation!
Cam: That’s true. What’s the Chinese for animation?
YJ: it’s 动画片(dong4 hua4 pian1)。
Cam: 动画片(dong4 hua4 pian1)
YJ: So I have to say that animation is my favorite genre. Cam,What’s your favorite genre? 你最喜欢什么类型的电影?(ni3 zui4 xi3 huan1 shen2me lei4 xing2 de dian4ying3)
Cam: 你最喜欢什么类型的电影? (ni3 zui4 xi3 huan1 shen2me lei4 xing2 de dian4ying3)
YJ: 你 (ni3) means you ,
Cam: 你(ni3)。
YJ: 最喜欢(zui4 xi3 huan1 ),like something the best, favorite, 
Cam: 最喜欢(zui4 xi3 huan1) 
YJ: 什么(shen2me),what 
Cam: 什么 (shen2me)
YJ: 类型 (lei4xing2 ) type , genre. 
Cam: 类型(lei4xing2 ) 
YJ: 电影 (dian4 ying3),film,
Cam: 电影(dian4 ying3)。
YJ: 你最喜欢什么类型的电影?(ni3 zui4 xi3 huan1 shen2me lei4 xing2 de dian4ying3)
Cam: 你最喜欢什么类型的电影(ni3 zui4 xi3 huan1 shen2me lei4 xing2 de dian4ying3)?What is your favorite genre?

Conversation 3:

A: 你最喜欢什么类型的电影?
B: 我最喜欢动画片,你呢?

Key Words Reminder 
comedy喜剧,tragedy.悲剧action film动作片 horror film. 恐怖片,animation动画片 What’s your favorite genre? 你最喜欢什么类型的电影?All in today’s Chinese Studio.

Cam: Yajie, I can’t believe it! We’ve run out of time already. So let’s check today’s question.  
YJ: How do you say “comedy” in Chinese?  See you tomorrow! 
Cam: Ming tian jian.
YJ: Zai jian!

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